Origins of Football

Read about the origins of football below…

How did it begin? Read about the origins of football, its evolution out of rugby and soccer, and the rules changes that have led it to where it is today:

What was the AFL?

The AFL, the American Football League, was a pro football league that merged into the NFL in 1970. It made a lasting impact on football, including the formation of the Super Bowl and the modern AFC conference in the NFL.

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The Boston Game: Origins of Football

The rules of the Boston game in 1874 made some of the most important evolutions in the history of football, and created several of the rules that made American football distinct from rugby and soccer.

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Who Was Walter Camp?

Walter Camp is known as the “father of modern football.” Read about his life: his early years and education, his time as a player and coach, and his lasting legacy.

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The First Football Game

The first football game was played in 1869 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. But the rules of the game back then would be unrecognizable today. Learn more about the origins of the sport we know and love.

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